•  Ours is an attempt to live the fullness of Syro-Malabar ecclesial and liturgical heritage
  •  We try our best to understand the depth of Syro-Malabar liturgical and ecclesial spirituality and live it wholeheartedly.
  •  We like to keep silence as far as possible and spend sufficient time to meditate on our biblical, liturgical patristic and ecclesial sources, assimilate and translate them into our daily life.
  • We make all possible efforts to celebrate the Holy Qurbana as solemn as possible inorder to immerse fully in the salvific action of our Lord Iso Mesiha.
  •   We gather together to praise, glorify and thank our Lord 7 times a day in tune with the b iblical tradition and the liturgical genius of our Church.
  •   We try our best to make serious search into our biblical, liturgical, patristic and ecclesial sources and display them before the members of the Church.
  • We have adopted a simple life-style of the ordinary folk in India. We try always to live with minimum necessities and help our needy brethren in all possible ways.
  •   We do all our domestic works as far as possible by ourselves.
  •  We are also especially interested in developing our proper liturgical art and music.
  • All our brethren are cordially invited and welcomed to share our life in the Ashram, praise, glorify and thank Iso Mesiha, who is personally present with each one of us all through the ups and downs of our daily life.

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